Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 was held successful. Thank you for your support ! See you in 2016

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Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 - Post Race Arrangement

Thank you for joining the race. We have sent an email to all participants with details about after race arrangements including race results, certificate download, uncollected tee and materials leftover in transition area and also feedback questionnaire about the race.  Please click the following link for more details

Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 - post race arrangement email

Once again, thank you for joining us, we wish to see you again next year !

Updated Timetable and Start list

It looks like the weather will be cool and good for smashing your personal best at Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 !! However, it is also important to stay warm during pre race-briefing section.

we strongly recommend participants to prepare raincoat or a jacket. we have slightly amended the schedule to allow you to put your jacket back to the transition area after the race briefing before the warm up session, please refer to the new timetable as stated on page 4 of the race handbook ! Startlist has also updated

730 - 815 registration and body mark
820 race briefing 
840 warm up session
855 going to start line (deep water start)
900 race start

Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 Uncollected Race Pack

For racers who has not collected the race pack during race pack collection period, you MUST fulfil the Donation online to Beam International Foundation, and send the donation proof to us by email, we will arrange on site race pack collection on race day.


Steps to follow

1. Go to http://www.beaminternational.org/campaigns/taikoo-place-aquathon/

2. Complete the donation (Reg ID: Late comers)

3. Send us the donation proof (info@revolution-asia.com). It could be either paypal confirmation email or a screen cap from the above website on recent donors column showing that you have made the donation. 

The registration starts at 0730 in South Bay to 0815, we suggest you to come earlier before 0745 to avoid the crowd. Go to the registration counter and tell them you are picking up race pack and our staff will help you. Please make sure you check your race number in advance.

Race Pack Collection Reminder - Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3

Race pack collection email has been sent out, please check your mailbox or click the link below, visit our race website for related information.

If you have any questions, please email to info@revolution-asia.com or call us at 25911505

For Open registration partcipants - Collection email and detail
For Taikoo Place and City Plaza tenant - Collection email and detail 

Last call for registration

Taikoo Place Aquathon 17.3 Registration will close on 1 Nov, 23:59, last chance to register.

The start list will be ready by 3 November and a reminder email will be sent to your email about race pack collection.
Please click here to the race page for further details.  

Race Photos

Race Videos

Check out our great videos and clips of the races:

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